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New CRD-1006 DIP-switch replaced by settings menu

by LENDVAI Florian

With the introduction of the latest version of Opticon's CRD-1006 cradle the settings DIP-switch has been replaced by a settings menu.

Although the partnumber and itemnumber haven't changed, there has been a (minor) hardware modification to the CRD-1006. From the second half of November 2018 the latest version of the Opticon CRD-1006 cradle comes without the DIP-switch in the bottom.

This DIP switch was previously used to set the communication speed (baud rate) and has now been replaced by a software menu that resides inside the cradle.

By default the cradle is set to autobaud which is perfectly fine in many cases. But what if you need to set it to a fixed baud rate?

Under Windows 10 installations the Opticon USB drivers aren't necessary, for all other versions make sure that the USB drivers have been installed.

For all Windows versions: Opticon AppLoad has to been installed as well as we'll use this application to change the cradle settings.

1) Connect the cradle to your PC via the USB cable

2) Open AppLoad, go to Settings and select the correct Port

Mind that this latest version of Opticon's CRD-1006 cradle won't show up as 'Opticon OPL/CRD USB Serial Port' anymore but as a generic serial USB (VCom) port.

3) Set the cradle type to 'Not installed'

4) In 'Utilities' menu select 'Show RS232 data'

The RS232 monitor opens.
5) In 'Settings' set 'Local echo' to 'On'

6) Press '+++' (only 3 times the plus, without the quotes or an enter!) and wait 1 second.
The menu below will appear.
Here you can select the necessary baudrate for your application bij pressing the corresponding number.
After slecting a number you will see the (new) current setting at 'Current setting is : '

Don't forget to press 'e' to Save and Exit.
The chosen setting is set and stored in cradle memory, even if power is diconnected.
So you would need to do this only once.

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