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scanSYNC Inventory Kit for Opticon OPH-3001

1D barcodes (only 1D)
Laser (1D), Opticon
1D barcode USB Mass Storage Device

Simple and efficient stock check with the Opticon OPH-3001 barcode terminal

With the scanSYNC Inventory bundle you have everything you need to easily verify your stock. The only additional requirement is a PC with a free USB port. No drivers and no communication software are required.

Starting with a reference, you will then loop through article code and quantity.
Via the keyboard on the scanner it is possible to manually enter a prodductcode in case a barcode is damaged. It is also possible to add a quantity to the last scanned product barcode.

As soon as the scanning is completed within one reference (area, location), it can be flagged ready and a new reference can be started.

When an article lookup list initially has been loaded onto the OPH-3001 a product description will appear on screen after scanning each product code (when a match is found). A low tone and screen notification is given when a product code hasn't been found, alerting a product has been scanned that isn't in the lookup list. This is just a alert, the code and quantity still will be recorded.

The date and time of each scan will be recorded as well in the scanfile. The OPH-3001 stores all collected information in one CSV file, that easily can be copied from the OPH-3001, just like data from an USB stick.

What's in the KIT:
- Opticon OPH-3001 barcode terminal, including battery and handstrap;
- preinstalled scanSYNC inventory software on your OPH-3001;
- a DOKKi CLK-1 docking station;
- USB cable.

Including :
  • Cradle
  • Battery
  • Wrist strap
  • USB cable

Technical details

Scan engine:
Laser (1D)
Barcodes :
  • 1D
Quick specifications:    
Number of input fields : 3  (reference - article - quantity + [date & time added automatically])
Barcode type : 1D
Memory : 128 Mb
Interface : USB 2.0 - Mass Storage Device (MSD) mode
File format : CSV
Operation : Batch (offline; store local and retrieve data later)
Supported OS'es : Windows, Linux

scanSYNC_Standard_Inventory_Kit_EN_(OPH-3001).pdf (scanSYNC_Standard_Inventory_Kit_EN_(OPH-3001).pdf, 236 Kb) [Download]

scanSYNC_Inventarisatie_Standaard_NL_(OPH-3001).pdf (scanSYNC_Inventarisatie_Standaard_NL_(OPH-3001).pdf, 237 Kb) [Download]